Urgent Need For Cash: 16 Lawful Ways To Get Money Fast

Urgent Need For Cash 16 Lawful Ways To Get Money Fast

Very often, there may happen such situations when you need extra cash fast. But what to do in this case? We collect for you as much methods to get money fast as possible. We believe it will help cope with temporary financial problems you face.

April 2020 saw an unprecedented rate (14.7%) of Americans who were redundant workers. It means that over 35 million people were submitting the claim for unemployment benefits to cover bills/medicine/tuition.

If you need extra cash now but don’t want to borrow money or issue unemployment benefits in 2023, you can get some money (within the limits of $100) transfered into your bank account. Another way is to get more information about payday/installment/bad credit/short-term loans through first-federal.com, it is a referral service which is used to find one of the best lending option in your individual case.

Choose one of the options and get deposited in any convenient way.

Table of contents

  1. Option #1: Sell unwanted items
  2. Option #2: Have a garage sale
  3. Option #3: Take a part-time job as a babysitter
  4. Option #4: Donate blood plasma
  5. Option #5: Start dog walking
  6. Option #6: Affiliate marketing
  7. Option #7: Use cash back apps
  8. Option #8: Rent an appartment through Airbnb
  9. Option #9: Freelance writing jobs
  10. Option #10: Recycle empties
  11. Option #11: Request a cash advance from your employer
  12. Option #12: Become a pinterest VA
  13. Option #13: Be financial independent + start investing
  14. Option #14: Refinance student loans
  15. Option #15: Loans
  16. Conclusion

Option #1: Sell unwanted items

Top 3 main services to sell unwanted items online are:

  1. eBay;
  2. Facebook marketplace;
  3. Craigslist
  4. LetGo

We have found many reviews that eBay is considered one of the top platforms favorable in selling unnecessary stuff. Start selling the stuff that you think in high-demand. It will assist you with generating some cash faster. It is efficiant as the funds will be transferred to your bank account directly. We may predict that electronics (laptops, TV, phones, etc.), maybe some bigger items like furniture belong to such stuff.

Option #2: Have a garage sale

Garage sale is a great way to get rid of unnecessary things and free up shelves in cabinets. Plus it is the opportunity to earn +$50-$100 in cash. Prices at such sales are the lowest, because this is done to attract as many buyers as possible. The sale is tax-free, you do not need to have any permission for it.

After the sale, you can order a bus and all unsold items will go to a thrift shop, very convenient and hassle-free.

Garage sale is worth it if you have a lot of things desired by future buyers. But if you decide to arrange a sale, putting only junk that is long overdue, it will be a waste of time and effort.

Option #3: Take a part-time job as a babysitter

Babysitting is one more way to get cash fast. One of the main advantages of babysitting part-time job is that when the kids are asleep, you can realize some other profit-making ideas.

You can get more cash if there’s more than one child. It is required to make this a regular thing. It is recommended to check out the site greataupair.com for getting more options. Also ask families, friends in need of a babysitter in your local area.

Option #4: Donate blood plasma

Healthy Americans can donate blood 2 times a week or 104 times annually. The most superficial analysis suggests that most people donate blood much more often. At the same time it is claimed that blood donating has minimal risk.

They pay about $30 for each donation. And if you take it 2 times a week, then you can earn about extra $60 a week. To donate plasma, you need to meet few requirements, but it’s an easy way to earn $300 monthly with a few sessions.

Option #5: Start dog walking

Beginners get $20/$22 for 30-minutes walking with a dog. Experienced walkers take 8 dogs for a walk t once and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Ryan for Dogs is a company specialized in walking, training and temporary supervision of dogs.

In total, there are about 29,000 similar enterprises and about 51,000 walkers in the United States. Some of them get a job with major players like Rover, Wag, Fetch Pet Care and Swift, but most work for themselves.

Besides, the costs are minimal — except for the purchase of durable nylon leashes and bags for treats.

Option #6: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the very popular and profitable models of organizing sales of goods and services online. There are several sides to this process. Firstly, it is the owner of the brand – the product or service that you are helping to promote. For example, a manufacturer of sportswear, household appliances, a translation agency or a creative agency. The second, but no less important participant is the marketers themselves – that is, those who will be engaged in promotion through their own channels for a commission or a definite % from the profits. For example, owners of blogs, news or information sites, influencers, and so on.

If you explain this process a little easier, then affiliate marketing is the process of receiving commissions for the promotion of goods or services of other people or companies. You find a product that you like, ensure its promotion among your audience and receive a portion of the profit from each sale that occurs after clicking from your link.

Option #7: Become a proof-reader

Proofreaders check text before it’s posted or published. It is done to become sure it’s correct and complete. Besides, it doesn’t imply re-writing the whole text but rather searching for grammatical or spelling mistakes. The average income is around $25-$45 per hour.

First, you should decide whether you will charge your customers by the hour or by word count. Next, your rates will be affected by your experience, the text difficulty, and whether or not you’re a specialist in the subject area.

We may recommend you proof-reading websites to get this job:

  • Upwork;
  • FlexJobs;
  • Fiverr;
  • Scribendi;
  • Proofreading Pal;
  • Gramlee;
  • Polished Paper;
  • Edit Fast.

Option #8: Use cash back apps

It can be a good way of getting money now if you utilize any cash back app. You can also get free money for signing up. Cashback apps work in the following way: every user can get cash back on the stuff you have bought.

Best cash-back apps of 2022/2023 are:

  • Coupons.com;
  • Dosh;
  • Fetch Rewards;
  • Ibotta;
  • Rakuten;
  • Receipt Hog;
  • RetailMeNot;
  • Upside.

One more question to be considered is how profitable is such a service for the buyers themselves. If in the case of sales and discounts, the benefit is obvious – the client gets the opportunity to purchase a thing cheaper than the previously stated cost, with the cashback service everything is a little different.

The client himself can determine where to spend the money back. Although in most cases they are spent on new purchases in the same store.

To withdraw, you need to accumulate a certain amount, that is, you cannot immediately use the cashback. On the one hand, this factor can scare away customers, on the other hand, it encourages them to return and purchase services or goods in one place. To minimize the risk of failure, it is necessary to provide attractive conditions: the amount for withdrawal should not be too high, and the requirements for accumulation should be complex.

Option #9: Rent an appartment through Airbnb

If you already possess any real estate properties, you can earn money quickly is to rent part of all of your real estate. It is free to list your property at a certain rate and when you make a booking you have to cover a 3% fee. Before you sign up, there is an online calculator on the Airbnb website to understand how much you should charge.

Enter any address in the world and we’ll share a custom projection for:

  • annual revenue;
  • average daily rate;
  • occupancy rate;
  • future appreciation or depreciation;
  • seasonality’s impact on profits;
  • a competitive analysis of rentals in your neighborhood.

Option #10: Freelance writing jobs

In the USA, the work of a freelancer is 3 times more expensive than the work of a full-time employee. It turned out that on average freelancers in the US earn about $60 per hour. The results of the study are published by the portal itsnicethan.com.

So, freelance designers and illustrators receive an average of $61 per hour, and their colleagues getting a job in the office — only $20. A similar ratio of hourly earnings for photographers: $65 for freelancers versus $22 for staff employees.

Marketers earn the most among American freelancers — $75 per hour, the least of all — copywriters — $48.

Option #11: Recycle empties

It is rumored that homeless people in New York earn $80 a day by recucling bottles. Besides, schoolchildren who collect not only all the containers in their house, but also walk around the neighbors or local parks, do not ask themselves where they can get pocket money.

Option #12: Request a cash advance from your boss

If you already have a permanent job, you can request a cash advance from your paycheck. It’s not considered to be a loan so you are not required to have a good credit score- you just need to work off your hours and pay it off at the required time.

There are no extra fees for most cash advances. Your boss can set it up with their payroll services. So, it could take one business day (or even less), and then you’ll have extra cash.

Option #13: Become a pinterest VA

A VA means a virtual assistant who works online (not in person). A Pinterest VA is a person who does VA job focusing solely on the Pinterest platform. Many business owners would gladly employ you to conduct online activities. There are courses that every person can take, such as the Pinterest VA course to get trained and ready as a VA.

Option #14: Be financial independent + start investing

There are many explanations of what it means to be financially independent, but we create our own definition: financial independence is a way of life, everyday decisions and actions, thinking, attitude, communication, as well as an understanding of your desires and needs.

Regarding the multiplication of finances now, with the exception of trading, it is worth considering the purchase of liquid real estate for the purpose of renting out — this is a long-term investment that will make a profit now and is suitable for resale in the future. You can also consider deposits in trusted banks and investing in gold — for example, in investment coins.

Start investing

It is an unpopular idea among Americans to keep money at home. Much more often, funds are invested in financial and non-financial assets. The most popular investment tools are stocks (35%), real estate (25%) and retirement savings (22%).

Stock investments exchange consistently bring 5-15% annually — that is, it is really profitable to invest in stocks.

Option #15: Refinance student loans

There are options to ease the debt burden and simplify payments. For example, some students are considering refinancing existing student loan debt. Depending on many factors, the lender may allow you to refinance the loan, sometimes at a lower rate or for another term, to better help you pay off the loan.

Another possible option is consolidation. This process restructures individual loans into a single loan balance, which is repaid at a new total monthly rate.

Check out Experian, TransUnion, Equifax to get in the know and see what interest rates your credit score can get when you refinance your loans.

Option #16: Loans

When you need cash urgently, you can consider various ways to borrow money instantly and get it directly into your checking account.

Many people may issue loans when they need money, even if it’s just a short-term loan to get through hard times.

Loans may be a better option compared to credit cards as interest rates are usually lower, but you need to do some research before taking out a loan. Some loans, like credit cards, can bring you money within one business day or 24 hours, but you may face sky-high fees or higher than usual interest rates.

Let’s get acquainted with the main types of loans issued fast enough to cope with temporary financial issues.

Payday loans – fast, secure, efficient

If you have planned purchases or expenses, and there are still a few days or weeks before the next paycheck, you may issue payday loans, which can be received within 30-60 minutes. And so that you can take money on the most favorable and convenient terms. There are many available resources through which you may issue the required amount fast and hassle-free.

Payday loans are short-term loans that don’t check for good or bad credit. People get fees-like paying $5-$10 for every $100 borrowed.

Personal loans

Personal loans belong loans that are issued mainly to individuals for the purchase of any consumer goods or services. Ultimately, even mortgage or car loans are a kind of such loans, however, they are considered to be separate types of lending. The main features of personal loans are their short term, which rarely exceeds 1.5-2 years, as well as an insignificant amount compared to the already mentioned mortgages and car loans.

Quite often, a personal loan is issued in the form of an installment payment, when the interest on the loan is not actually allocated, being included in the cost of the goods. At the same time, the loan, in fact, is issued directly by the point of sale, and not by the bank.

Home equity loan

A home equity loan is a type of consumer loan in which collateral is required, that is, the borrower draws up an agreement with the bank under which some of his property is pledged to a credit institution for the duration of the borrowed funds use. The availability of collateral allows you to get a loan on more favorable terms: with a larger amount, at a lower interest rate and for a longer term.

Retirement loan

The money in your retirement benefits is your money. You can borrow money in it as required without spoiling your credit score. A lot of plans, such as a 401(k), allow you to borrow money from your retirement account and pay it back with interest. So, see what other money you still have available.

Line of credit

A credit line is a legally signed obligation of the bank to issue a loan to the client in a certain amount within a specified time. A credit line differs from a one-time loan in that the client can receive a loan not once on some day specified in the agreement, but when he needs it, in parts.

In general, the provision of a credit line is a more convenient way to obtain loans for customers, allowing them to use the loan when required and pay for it only for the period when it is taken out. It is no coincidence that the banks themselves use exactly such a scheme in their relations with each other: they set limits on each other. And within these limits, they manage their current liquidity – they borrow money and, conversely, place free balances.

Peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is a form of financial technology that allows people to lend or borrow money from one another without going through a bank. P2P borrowers search for an alternative to traditional banks or a lower interest rate.

P2P lending websites connect borrowers directly to investors. The website specifies the rates and terms and enables the transactions.

Installment loans

Installment loans belong to personal or commercial loans that borrowers must pay back with regularly scheduled payments (installments). For each installment payment, the borrower pays a rate of the principal borrowed back and also pays interest on the loan.

Those payments (or installments) are typically fixed, though the payment amounts could fluctuate (due to accruing interest or if you have a variable APR).

It’s similar to most lending options, and there’s no credit check, but you need to review the interest rates- we found one for as high as 400% APR on a loan of only $2,000.


If you need cash ASAP, you can borrow money if you need a big amount quickly and research what you have to pay back. Remember that you may use one of the options offered to find cash quickly.

Some ideas can bring you over $1,000 a month, providing you with more opportunities to get what you need without having to borrow money. We hope even one of the offered options will bring benefits for you.